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FK4003: Digital Systemkonstruktion (7,5p)


Course overview

Schema HT2020


(Lectures will be added and updated as the course progresses.)

lecture 1 (Recommended reading: Chapter 1 of textbook, see Resources below)

lecture 2 (Recommended reading: Chapters 2-4)

lecture 3 (Recommended reading: Chapters 5 and 7)

lecture 4

lecture 5

lecture 6

lecture 7

Lab exercises

(May be updated as the course progesses)



Additional exercises (optional)


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Downloadable version of course text (Free Range VHDL)

Virtual machine: centos7 image with Vivado installation (centos_vivado.vdi.gz)
This is a 22GB gzip file that expands to 40GB. Run from VirtualBox, with suggested minimum 4GB RAM allocated.

VHDL test bench template (vhdl_tb_blank.vhd)

Four-digit 7-segment hex display (disp4.vhd)

BASYS3 FPGA board manual

PMOD-AD1 ADC module

PMOD-DA1 DAC module

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